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The processing technology of laser cutter die is compared with the traditional processing technology

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The laser cutter die refers to the gap used in the insert die cutter on the template is cut by laser.Generally higher accuracy,Very complex graphics can be processed. It is a newly developed equipment in recent years. What is the difference between the processing of laser cutter die and the traditional processing technology?

1. Simple design.

Traditional machining is to draw on the template with a pencil or ballpoint pen, and then cut the mold. With the laser cutter, the design can be carried out directly on the computer without any description.

2. Small error.

In the traditional production, the knife template is sawed by the sawing machine, and the error will be caused by the dislocation in the moving process. The laser cutter is fully automatic and requires no manual intervention.

3. High working efficiency.

The traditional processing mode is slow due to the influence of site equipment. The laser cutter is large, non - contact and can run 24 hours. Therefore, the application of laser cutter die cutting machine can obviously accelerate the development of enterprises and improve economic benefits. In the printing industry mainly used in the model cutting, cutting and so on.