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Laser knife mold production process is to the innovation of traditional craft

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Laser knife mold machine as a kind of new automatic processing method, with its precise, fast, and the advantages of simple operation, in print, has been widely used in electronic industry. Laser cutting machines can be customer specified materials for rapid prototyping, so as to achieve a custom shape and size. Laser knife mold production process is to the innovation of traditional craft.
Traditional processing way is affected by ground equipment and processing speed; And laser knife mold machine is large, non-contact, can the whole running 24 hours a day. So, for the application of laser knife mold cutting machine can obviously accelerate the development of enterprises, improve the economic benefit. In the printing industry is mainly used in carton model of cutting, cutting, etc.
In traditional production, knife template by sawing machine saw, in the process of mobile will form the dislocation and produce error; And laser knife mold machine is fully automatic operation, do not need human intervention. Traditional processing is on the knife template with a pencil or ball pen to draw, and then to die cutter cutting; And after using the laser knife mold machine, can be directly conducted on computer design, don\'t need any paint.
Make laser knife mold main consumables template for the knife, knife template are mainly plywood, normally used for knives of the template tree species mainly cypress wood, birch, basswood, etc. Knife template quality stability, directly affect the production of laser cutting die.