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Laser cutting die is how to operate

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Knife mold industry, electronic materials, printing and packaging, plastic packaging, leather, toys, automobile, decoration, rubber, EVA and all kinds of foam, precision electronic gasket, wheat pull-in, name plate, flexible circuit boards, etc.
Laser knife mould compared with the traditional knife mould process traditional knife mould making is on the knife template with a pencil or ball pen to draw, after by sawing sawing machine, can form in the process of moving dislocation and produce error; Processing speed; And after the use of laser cutting machine, can be directly conducted on computer graphics design, knife template is run by a laser cutting machine automatic cutting forming, without human intervention. Error is small, fast speed. For the application of laser knife mold cutting machine can obviously accelerate the development of the enterprise, improve the economic benefit.
Computer machete machine and cutter machine now has been the development of the cutting die is not only the credit for the laser cutting machine, and over the past few years, a variety of computer machete machine, cutter machine flood the market, bring knife mould making infinite convenience, improve the work efficiency, reduce the scimitar forming error, these devices can calculate cutting die with the development of credit.
In traditional production, knife template by sawing machine saw, in the process of mobile will form the dislocation and produce error; And laser knife mold machine is fully automatic operation, do not need human intervention. (3) it is high in efficiency. Traditional processing way is affected by ground equipment and processing speed; And laser knife mold machine is large, non-contact, can the whole running 24 hours a day.