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What mould processing of die set

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Mould processing, Mold Making) refers to the processing, molding and blocking tools in addition to including shearing die and die cutting mould.
Machining high precision, a pair of mold is generally composed of concave die, punch and die set, some may be more than split module. So the combination of upper and lower die, panel board and the combination of cavity, split between modules are require high machining accuracy. The size precision of precision mould tend to grade microns.
Complex shape surface Some products such as automotive covering parts, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, the shape of the surface is made up by a variety of surface, therefore, the mold cavity surface is complex. Some surface must use mathematical calculation method for processing.
Small mold production is not large batch production, in many cases tend to produce a pay.
Even the same kind of resin, if different forming conditions, then its shrinkage rate will be different. Precision molding shrinkage rate, smaller requirement when the shrinkage rate and the expected and actual shrinkage rate as far as possible, but in the actual process, generally it\'s hard to do, usually to make a correction to the mold after the test. And in order to better fixed mold, to design, mold notch size shrinkage should try to select the small number, and the convex part size is the maximum.
Prevent deformation
Forming deformation of precision mould, its reason is mainly caused by uneven contraction, with internal stress in the mould, so we can take preventive measures include:
Gate number to the right, the gate to keep balance;
Choosing the right gate shape and position, can according to the mold shape.
I would like to use advanced process equipment, strong technical force and Gao Jianghua quality management, carefully create high-quality products, to help you make a well-known brand.